A detective story about the rivalry between a raven and a cat, tourists from the underworld and the case of a missing person that could ruin Halloween!

Length: 2,600+ words | ~15 minutes playing time

A visual novel with point & click elements.

*Development Update*

We initially planned to release the full game until the end of October 2022 so it could have been played in time for Halloween, but unfortunately we have to delay the release, because we are not able to dedicate as much time to the development of the game as we wanted to. Please stay tuned, we will post updates as soon as we are able to estimate when the full version or another demo can be released.

The Team:

Michael Langer (@pinselschubser): 

Lead Artist, Writing, Programming, Music Arrangement, UI Design

Ann-Kathrin Struck (@pigeon_dusty): 

Character Design, Background Design, Concept Art

Leon U. Müer (@joppiejaust): 

Character Design, Character Expressions, Concept Art, Wobble Wizardry

Special thanks to Heldy Whitewood for proofreading and playtesting!


Corvus_Clueless-Prologue-Demo-pc.zip 197 MB


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ooh I loved the Prologue. I hope to play the next chapters soon!

the art is so cute and the point and click style is really nice! i can't wait for more of the game to come out, but remember to take your time and take breaks from development if you need it!! :)


Still lurking. 👀🥰


Thank you for lurking!🙌 I started to work again on the game and I'm currently porting the project to another engine, hopefully the full game or at least another chapter or two can be released in time for Halloween this year :)



I loved this game so much, knowing how hard making games is PLUS all the fully colored drawings made me appreciate this so much more. I know the game is still in demo, but do you perhaps accept fan translations?


I would DIE for Mr. No and his silly little face.

I love the art so much :))) all the characters are adorable and the story seems so cool


Such a wonderful demo!! I really enjoyed it. The art is so cute and the characters are wonderfully funny. The point-and-click aspect of the game is really fun as well.

I look forward to the full release! 


Overflowing with charm — we await the full version eagerly!


Really fun and interesting! I loved the art style and the characters are beautiful! Definitely following for a full version!


This isn't the kind of game I would expect from the premise of a Halloween/scary VN. And I love it. This is delightful! I love the art, and the characters have a lot of personality. Looking forwards the complete release!


I can't wait to play the final version, this game looks really promising and I love the characters!


The art style is adorable and the storyline seems super charming so far! Looking forward to the main game!!